Every day is Earth Day: Scenes from the climate justice movement

2019 climate strike D.C.

Thousands of people protest at the Global Climate Strike, demanding the government take action against the climate crisis on Sept. 20, 2019, in Washington, D.C. (Arielle Bader/George Washington University)

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Climate change affects all of us on planet Earth. We are living through increasingly hotter global temperatures, rising sea levels, and more frequent extreme natural disasters. Our planet is under threat and demands large-scale systematic change to tackle this climate crisis.

As the earth heats up, the climate justice movement strengthens its fight for a livable future.

The movement looks different for many. There are crowds of protestors walking to the U.S. Capitol calling for change. Protest happens off the streets too, in our own backyards, the ways we spend our money, how we manage our trash, and much more. It can look like teaching youth or farming sustainably or eating more plants. The more people that prioritize the environment today, the bigger the positive trend that can result.

Our house is on fire and environmental activists are determined to put the fire out. They are determined, hopeful, and passionate about finding solutions. Scroll through this photo essay for a look at those fighting to save our planet.

Every day is Earth Day


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