How education leads to youth empowerment and environmental involvement

A group of children peer into a net held by a teacher who is holding something up inside of the net.

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Storyfest 2023

Education on the environment is a huge factor in promoting young people’s wellbeing in society. Youth gain confidence in themselves and their ability to make a difference in the world due to involvement in environmental activites. This podcast elaborates on how young people can start getting involved earlier in their lives, specifically through their education, and how education systems should be altered in order to allow for and promote that.

It discusses how finding meaningful volunteer and work opportunities, especially when they pertain to environmental preservation and rehabilitation, is not only beneficial to the planet and its health, but also to the youth’s mental health, and how young people are the catalyst for impacting the rest of their communities through their actions.

This podcast includes the professional opinion of AP Environmental Science teacher Mark Yoder, who works at Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas, and a youth’s perspective on the topic, given by SUNY-ESF freshman and EcoRep, Everett Tucker.

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