Transforming Iceland | How Lindblad Expeditions is minimizing food waste and making cruising more sustainable

While traveling up the coast of Iceland, Storyfest winner Cassidy Hough explores food waste aboard Lindblad Expeditions ship, the National Geographic Resolution.

Cassidy Hough

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Nearly 30% of food served on cruise ships is wasted. But not on Lindblad ships.

This summer, I took a trip aboard Lindblad Expeditions’ National Geographic Resolution to explore the ways in which the company is working to make ecotourism more sustainable. While traveling up and down the western coast of Iceland, I learned about the ways that food is sourced, served and disposed of on a 138 passenger Lindblad ship. While a completely sustainable cruise experience might still be out of reach for the largest of these ships, responsibility is always scalable.

Editor‚Äôs Note: Lindblad Expeditions, our Planet Forward Storyfest Competition partner, made this series possible by providing winners with an experiential learning opportunity aboard one of their ships. All editorial content is created independently. We thank Lindblad Expeditions for their continued support of our project.

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