Transforming Iceland: A Planet Forward and Lindblad Expeditions journey

2023 Storyfest winners and Planet Forward Founding Director Frank Sesno discuss their recent trip to Iceland.

Aaron Dye

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On July 15, 2023, six Planet Forward Storyfest winners traveled with Lindblad Expeditions on the National Geographic Resolution up and down the western coast of Iceland. These student contestants each submitted and published stories to the Planet Forward platform and were selected by a panel of independent judges as the most exemplary stories in their respective categories.

Planet Forward’s ongoing partnership with Lindblad Expeditions makes this opportunity possible for students who get to not only experience an amazing corner of the world on state-of-the-art vessels, but also work hands-on with Planet Forward staff to produce stories on the intriguing issues facing different parts of the world, and the exciting solutions being developed to address our planet’s most dire challenges.

You can read the winners’ stories from Iceland in our series, Transforming Iceland: Where Sustainability Meets Growth.

Storyfest is open to all undergraduate and graduate students around the world. This year’s categories will include Best Video, Best Multimedia Story, and Best Written Story. Podcasts and audio stories will be considered under the Multimedia category. Two winners will be selected in each category, one who is a media/communications major or minor, and one who is not a media/communications major (e.g., in a STEM field, law, business, etc.).

You can enter Storyfest 2024 now for a chance to win a trip with Planet Forward and Lindblad Expeditions to either the Galápagos or Iceland in the summer of 2024.

Editor’s Note: Lindblad Expeditions, our Planet Forward Storyfest Competition partner, made this series possible by providing winners with an experiential learning opportunity aboard one of their ships. Icelandair also generously provided airfare to the competition winners. All editorial content is created independently. We thank Lindblad Expeditions and Icelandair for their support of our project.

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