Transforming Iceland | Evolution in Icelandic fishing industry marks progress toward sustainable fisheries

A red fishing boat is docked in a harbor filled with other boats.
The fishing industry in Iceland accounts for 40% of total exports for the country.

Tyler Hickman

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During a week long expedition along the western coast of Iceland, I found myself in one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been. But what struck me more than the volcanic fields and sheer cliffs enveloping endless miles of fjords, was the culture of fishing. While I was reporting this story, I learned that not only is fishing one of the most important industries for this island, but it is part of the fabric of the Icelandic identity. 

Fishing is evolving in Iceland, and the country continues to learn from and adapt to the looming threat of climate change and overfishing. I witnessed a condensed timeline of this shift, from visiting a century-old abandoned fish factory, to the forefront of industry innovation in the nation’s capital. This story is a portrait of Iceland’s adaptability, and commitment to preserving not just an industry but a piece of their cultural identity.

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Editor’s Note: Lindblad Expeditions, our Planet Forward Storyfest Competition partner, made this series possible by providing winners with an experiential learning opportunity aboard one of their ships. All editorial content is created independently. We thank Lindblad Expeditions for their continued support of our project.

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