Sea level rise threatens the Florida Keys: Resident responses – Episode 3

Sea level rise threatens the Florida Keys: Resident responses – Episode 3
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By Avery Van Etten

While the Florida Keys government and environmental groups are bracing for sea level rise, what do residents think? This podcast episode examines residents’ opinions on sea level rise and the most concerning environmental issues facing the Keys.

Most people I spoke to acknowledge that sea level rise is an issue, but it isn’t their main concern. Instead, they are most worried about protecting the reefs and reducing consumption of single-use plastics. One man says he doesn’t believe oceans are rising.

Someone fishes in Marathon, Florida. (Avery Van Etten/Medill)

Younger generations will likely be more directly affected by changes due to sea level rise. High school senior Jillian Duclo says she is already noticing the effects of rising oceans. Hear from her and others in this final episode.

(Avery Van Etten/Medill)

The first podcast episode in this series covers what sea level rise looks like in the Keys. In the second episode, hear about the economic impacts of sea level rise in the Keys. 

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