Potable Water for the US Southwest

Potable Water for the US Southwest
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With heavy droughts plaguing the country, we need a solution to increase water availability for the worst-hit regions. Here’s my idea:

Negotiate with the government of Mexico. Reach an accommodation regarding the digging of an underground access tunnel from Nogales, Arizona to the Mar de Cortés. That distance is approximately 125 miles. The Mar de Cortés is the body of water that lies between the Baja peninsula and the mainland of Mexico.

In addition, build a grand-scale seawater desalination plant near Nogales, Arizona. The plant would be solar powered with conventional power back-up to allow the plant to be in continuous operation.

The US southwest has been water-starved throughout history. Hundreds of thousands of square miles of desert and marginal land in the region lie barren and unproductive due to a lack of water.

With seawater access and a seawater desal facility Arizona could serve as a freshwater hub for the entire US southwest. Pipelines, trucks and or trains could deliver the water to cities, farms and households in the region.

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