Hydrogen on Demand for All Transportation

Hydrogen on Demand for All Transportation
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Hello neighbours,

I, a 52-year-old male technician from Oakville, Ontario, Canada, have created and built a working prototype hydrogen generator that mounts right in my van. It saves me about 80-90 percent on my fuel bills for this van. This van is a 2005 Chevrolet Express six-liter engine, and it used to love drinking gasoline. Now it loves drinking hydrogen (water). It is an on-demand system. This means that no hydrogen is stored in or on the vehicle, which in my mind is the safest. It makes enough hydrogen to run the engine and its operating temperatures are lower than gasoline. The engine also supplies more horsepower. The end results are clean, drinkable water coming out of my tailpipe which is good for us all. I am doing my part to reduce the carbons that would be normally coming out of my tailpipe. Now what about the rest of you? Thank you for the opportunity during this amazing time in technologies.

Terry Jackson
Oakville, Ontario, Canada.

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