‘Farmers of the Future’ teaches South Africans to live sustainably

‘Farmers of the Future’ teaches South Africans to live sustainably

(Jack Borowiak/George Washington University)

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In an age when large agribusinesses run many global farming operations, it’s essential to teach sustainable farming techniques to local farmers. These skills are especially vital to know with recent severe drought in many African countries. Best practices to live beside the land lead to a healthier ecosystem and community.

A remarkable program called Farmers of the Future in the Greater Kruger region of South Africa focuses on empowering unemployed youth with their own farm. The program webpage says,  “We believe in the principals of the saying, rather than giving a man a fish to eat, rather teach him how to fish so he can eat forever.”

"Farmers of the Future" program helps South Africans learn to live sustainably while also teaching valuable life skills.

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