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A few years ago, I remember visiting one of my mom’s friends for dinner. After we finished eating I stood up and carried my plate over to the kitchen. There was some leftover food on my plate that I wanted to throw in the garbage before dropping it off at the sink.

My mom’s friend tapped me on the shoulder and told me to put my leftovers in the white bin, not the brown one. “The white one is for composting,” he said, “if you throw it in the garbage, it goes to waste. But I will turn it into soil for my backyard.”

I couldn’t help but think about that dinner when I first found out about Compost Cab. This DC-based company is doing exactly what my mom’s friend was but at a larger scale. I was very intrigued by their innovative business model that I set out with my partner to capture it all on video.

The founder of Compost Cab, Jeremy Brosowsky says composting should be the last line of defense against food waste. As the world population continues to race towards 9 billion by 2050, reducing food waste will be even more crucial. The US alone spends about a billion dollars each year just to dispose of food waste. At Compost Cab, Brosowsky and his team are saving 2000 pounds of trash from going to landfills and are turning that into fertilizer for local farms.  

The company, which started three years ago, is still in its infancy. Brosowsky is confident he can expand the business to other states after proving the model in the DC Metro area.

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