Biogenic Reagents

Biogenic Reagents
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Biogenic Reagents is a producer of high-performance carbon products made from renewable resources and produced with renewable energy.  Biogenic Reagents’ specialty products include activated carbons that are used to purify air, water, food and pharmaceuticals.  Biogenic Reagents has engineered a product from renewable biomass that greatly reduces mercury emissions from power plants and industrial facilities.  When coal and other fuels are burned to create power, mercury that was contained in the fuel is vaporized into a form (elemental mercury–HG0) which typically is not captured by pollution control systems at these facilities and enters the air where it is later deposited in the environment.  Biogenic Reagent’s propretary process creates a highly oxidative and porous activated carbon material that changes the elemental mercury into a form (mercuric mercury–Hg++) that may be captured in the many pores of the carbon.  In typical use, the biogenic activated carbon is injected as a fine powder into the gas emissions stream at a power plant after where fuel is burned but before a facility’s emission control equipment.  Through rapid chemical and physical sorption, mercury in the gas stream attaches to the activated carbon allowing it to be captured by typical emission control equipment such as fabric filter baghouses thereby reducing mercury emission to the environment by more than 90 percent.

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