Social Networking for Smarter Delivery

Social Networking for Smarter Delivery
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Background: We have work force management apps like Google coordinate which allows businesses to dispatch and track their mobile employees, be they truck, taxi drivers or pizza delivery guys, which enables the deployment of resources in a productive fashion. How about an app for consumers to intuitively coordinate their orders from outlets like Amazon?

Rationale: If multiple people in a neighbourhood place orders in a window of time, wouldn’t it make sense if they are able to coordinate their orders? Wouldn’t it make easy for the cargo delivery guys to make few visits to a neighborhood and deliver the goods? Most importantly doesn’t it make economic and environmental sense?

What the app does: Let’s say a person “X” order in Parkstreet. An ecoorder will come in effect in the Parkstreet area for a limited period of time. This means that anyone who places orders in the Parkstreet area in that limited time will be delivered on the same day along with the delivery for person “X”. Since the orders in Parkstreet are coordinated, the delivery guy makes just one trip and delivers all the goods for the consumers in Parkstreet. In turn consumers who opt for ecoorder can either get credits or lower shipping fees.

Consumers: They can add the items to the cart and check ecoorder. The order will be placed when the Ecoorder for their neighbourhood is in effect. If there is no ecoorder (within a stipulated time), the order will be automatically placed. They can get alerts about Ecoorder for their locality. For instance the alert says “Ecoorder in effect for Parkstreet. Place order before 4 p.m.”

Subscribe and save consumers: Show them the window of ecoorder for their neighbourhood. If they select ecoorder, their subscribed items will arrive during that period.

This will be add-on functionality which is easy to implement. Therefore consumers who are only interested can opt in. Ecoorder is social ordering which presents a unique sustainable choice to consumers.

Market: This would be attractive to environmentally conscious consumers in countries like USA. It presents a win win opportunity that was not possible before. Particularly in markets like Asia, pacific region Amazons shipping costs range from $4.99 to $29.99. The average consumers in these parts of the world are cost conscious, therefore any opportunity to reduce the shipment costs would be a welcome feature.


  • Streamlined delivery for service providers and service personnel.
  • Lower number of delivery trips .helps save fuel,emissions and positive impact on traffic.Lower delivery fees for consumer.
  • Win win win for business, consumers and environment.

The idea “Ecoorder” truly is an untapped opportunity and uncharted territory in the world of business apps.

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