Don’t Fight, Attract: DJ Cavem’s Eco Hip-Hop

Don’t Fight, Attract: DJ Cavem’s Eco Hip-Hop

Courtesy of Ietef Vita

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Hip hop artist Ietef Vita, known as DJ Cavem, expresses his love for environmental justice through his unique approach to music, which he calls, “eco hip-hop.”

Originally from Denver, Colorado, Vita has expressed concerns about the tendency for hip-hop culture to shy away from issues that relate to health and the environment. In response, Vita heavily incorporates advocacy for environmental sustainability in his lyrics.

This eco hip-hop-loving rapper has also been a part of several community initiatives including GrowHaus, a nonprofit education center for improving the community’s access to nutrition, a youth workshop that oversees 190 community gardens, and has worked with organizations that host health and wellness camps during the summer.

Courtesy of Ietef Vita.

Vita, who holds a Ph.D. in Urban Ecology from the Denver Institute of Urban Studies, has performed his music on stage with nationally recognized artists such as Public Enemy, Wyclef Jean, 2 Chainz, and Questlove, not to mention that he was invited by first lady Michelle Obama to perform at the White House to publicize her Let’s Move plan. 

Through his eco hip-hop, Vita has been spreading awareness within his community to promote and support urban gardening. According to Vita, the Denver community is experiencing a lack of fresh food choices as processed foods dominate grocery store shelves in communities of color. Vita is inspired by urban gardening and he believes that it can promote better eating habits, as well as erase trauma in the Black community.

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