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EDITOR’S PICK: The average dairy cow produces 148 pounds of manure per day. With 45,000 dairy cows, North Carolina has an annual manure production of 6 billion pounds. What if that waste could be used to power a house? We’re talking about manure innovation, also known as biogas technology. Manure contains methane, CO2 and nitrogen—greenhouses gases produced during animal digestion—making both dairy and meat production major suspects in climate change. However, through the process of methane capture, we can sustainably reduce the output of methane and provide electricity to power our farms.

Faisalabad, the third largest city in Pakistan, has begun developing 10 biogas plants this November, under the supervision of Pakistan Domestic Biogas Programme (PDBP). These plants will have the capacity to hold 50 to 100 meters of biogas and will be used to generate electricity. In the United States, The American Biogas Council signed a contract with EnviTec Biogas, a German-based company, to begin plant development in New York. 

Originally Posted December 27, 2010

Lets make learning about the environment a less dreadful process and lets think about creative ways we can get our point across to different crowds. Very few environmental videos i watch make a lasting impression on me, so this was my attempt to make an impression on you. I think its time to explore other ways we can communicate the importance, the possibilities and the beauty of saving the earth. Working with mother nature is one of the most pure ways to live your life. How our species decided the earth comes second to our greeds and needs is beyond me. i would be lying if i told you i never littered or left the water running when i brushed my teeth, but i try and thats all we can make people do. i encourage you to make a conscious effort to be a more conservative user as well as explore new resources such as cow manure. Before the internet, a bunch of environmentalist activist got together an decided they needed to make a holiday for the earth. they promoted through word of mouth, drawings, posters and any way they could. today we have more way to reach people then ever, we just have to figure out how to use the tools we have. the enviromental revolution these activist started is still in effect today, we are the next generation. This is the first of many enviromental videos, blogs, comedy skits, road-trips and movies to come. stay tuned

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