Peril & Promise: Turning milk into sustainable tees

Peril & Promise: Turning milk into sustainable tees
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Imagine wearing a T-shirt made out of … spoiled milk. In our latest episode of Planet Forward, seen on PBS’s Peril and Promise and produced in association with ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory, we meet a young climate innovator who is taking the issue of food waste into his own hands. We speak with Robert Luo, a 24-year-old CEO who was inspired by — yes — expired milk. He saw a product that was going to waste, and, using science, he turned it into a fiber that he now weaves into sustainable T-shirts. We also meet Greta Hardy-Mittell, a sophomore at Carleton College, who highlights the work of students on campus to eliminate piles of plastic waste from dining services. It’s a program that took just a year to get going — driven by students, propelled by the pandemic. Robert and Greta will impress you with great ideas, powered by imagination and innovation, that inspire action. 

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