Orbital Rotational tideal turbine

Orbital Rotational tideal turbine
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I have developed a turbine for use in high flow areas of tide and current. The design has almost limitless torque and only 3 moving parts. It can be deployed in shallow water with as little as 6ft of water, in areas that even loose water completely during the tide cycle. The low profile of the turbine will allow deployment in rivers as well as ocean current and tides.

There are only 3 high tolerance parts and the rest of the turbine can be fabricated from locally-sourced materials even in underdeveloped countries.

A further development of this device directly produces Browns gas from deep salt water sites. This version will also bring cool water from 300ft depth to the surface 24/7/365. This will substantially cool the surface water in the local environment which will lessen the strength of hurricanes wich are powered by the high temperature of suface sea water.

I have built and run wind versions of this turbine and it is effective and simple. I believe it has immense potential.

I am a Naval Architect, master marine technician, and Marine surveyor and I am fully at home in the working environment in which I have designed this turbine.

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