Move Away from Corporate-Funded Ethanol Development

Move Away from Corporate-Funded Ethanol Development
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Why has the entire effort to go green coalesced around large corporations. Those are the same captains of Industry who have failed us and led us to the crisis we face today. There are many green technologies that can be dispersed into the general population without encouraging a energy oligopoly. We can spend the billions of dollars used to subsidize huge corporation, and use it to subsidize homeowners like me.

Why can’t I be able to buy my own windmill? Why can’t I afford solar panels (even with the tax break)? Why can’t I heat water, and charge my electric car with solar power? I don’t need Exxon or Archer Daniels or Solar Energy, Inc. to put solar panels on my roof, I can call a local company, install all of this 50+ year-old technology, and begin saving energy in a week. My tax subsidy has to assure a return of capital within 5 years. That would still cost less the current subsidies to the industrial complex.

And oh, by the way, since most of this work has to be done on site, it will have to employ US labor. These jobs cannot be shipped overseas they way big corporations now do it.

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