International Power Grid

International Power Grid
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This idea is lingering in my mind for the past ten years. This formation of international power grid will bring so many social, technical, economic and environmental advantages.

Technically it will reduce reserves needed like cold, hot and spinning reserves which will also reduce the capital needed to create it. Through proper management this will lead to no power cut scenario in the world. The interconnecting tie lines across countries and regions needs to be controlled line(like only after country’s own requirement is crossed, it shall allow power transfer). This will bring a big social change in the power deficient countries. Meanwhile this will allow new business opportunities across the world.

Environmentally this model will reduce pollution as there is overall reduction in hot and spinning reserve capacities needed. This will bring lot of advantages when more focus is given to renewable energy in the energy sector. Now there are few countries which are politically closer, usually two countries between them, allowing power transfer. This can be extended to continent level and further to world level. With the advantage of latest technology like smart grid and advanced controlled systems, this is very easy to modern world engineers. If the political will across the world is created, this project is very easy to execute. This project will create lot of positive social and economic changes around the world.

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