Educating the Public about Environmental Issues on T.V. and at Movie Theaters

Educating the Public about Environmental Issues on T.V. and at Movie Theaters
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Educating the public about environmental issues is absolutely essential. Nobody at the grocery store understands why I do not want a plastic bag, even when I claim that plastic is environmentally unfriendly. I think that getting environmental commercials to play in movie theaters or on T.V. is a great way to start.

Every commercial is an advertisement trying to convince people that they need to buy things that they really don’t. It would be utterly relieving to see a commercial that focused on something other than human greed, gain and entrapment of society. I bet 95% of what people see on T.V. makes them dumber, so having educational commercial would be great to combat the vast majority of non-educational media.

I have seen what seemed like environmental commercials play at theaters in St. Louis MO, guess who sponsored them? Monsanto and a big coal company.

Why and how can the very companies who are responsible for polluting our air and water be the ones feeding society information about what is environmentally friendly and what is best for our environment?

Green washing is seriously setting back real environmental change. Did you know that in a store the other day a water bottle company was advertising its product to be ‘green’ because if you bought 2 large water bottles you get a re-usable bag for free…

Please, please let’s get actual environmentalist (people who truly care about the long term sustainability of this planet, not just profit) to create and show informational environmental commercials!!!

I know that it is very expensive to run commercials, but we can make anything happen! We could all pitch in, get sponsors, get people to donate and more. These commercials should play during every movie in every theater, come on, it’s time to get the ball rolling.

P.S. I like the videos that will teach the public about plastic, about fish in our oceans, about global warming, about tar sands oil in Canada, about how we can help and what we can do as people!!!

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