Congratulations, Storyfest 2021 winners!

Congratulations, Storyfest 2021 winners!
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We’ve come a full year now since the pandemic hit us here in the United States. But despite the challenges we have all faced this year — you reported. You adapted. And you still were inspired to tell stories.

Student Storytelling Opportunities

Some very special storytelling opportunities were announced at the 2021 Summit.

Fill out this interest form to keep posted on info and deadlines.

Speaking of adapting, we had to adapt Storyfest itself — on a hiatus from the experiential learning prizes we usually offer in partnership with Lindblad Expeditions. But, together we persevered.

For the 2021 contest, we are offering six grand prize winners — each of whom will receive a $500 cash prize and have 50 trees planted in their names in a national forest — thanks to our friends over at One Tree Planted.

The winners’ trees will be planted in Minnesota in the Chippewa National Forest. Learn more about the project.

The 2021 field was highly competitive, with outstanding stories from schools across the country. Judges had a tough job this year. Without further ado, we are thrilled to announce the winners of Storyfest 2021.


Best science narrative:

Eva Legge, Dartmouth College

“The salamanders at the end of the world”


Most compelling character:

Francesca Edralin, George Washington University

“Meet Cameroon’s ‘plastic man’: The story of environmental activist Forbi Perise”


Most creative story:

Calvin Bordas, SUNY-ESF

“Airborne microplastics in the age of COVID-19”


Best use of science or data:

Christopher Howley and Michael Hannan, Arizona State University

“Diversifying the pack: Cross fostering helps Mexican wolf population boost genetic mix”


Best scalable innovation:

Allison Klei, Franklin & Marshall University

“Daylighting: A case study of the Jones Falls River in Baltimore, Maryland”


This year’s fan favorite:

Kenna Q. Kelley, Syracuse University

“Thrifting for the soul”


Congratulations, Storyfest winners! We will be in touch to share details on your prize.


Before I go, I would be remiss if I didn’t also highlight a few of other pieces highlighted by our judges — in no particular order — that I want to make sure you can check out:

Keep writing. Keep filming. Keep photographing.

Keep sharing stories.

Great job, everyone! And we’ll see — and hear from — you again soon.

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