Cell Phone App that Measures Ozone Depletion

Cell Phone App that Measures Ozone Depletion
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Every car has a fuel gauge, so why not have an ozone depletion gauge?

Enter Quanto o2–a smartphone-based application that’s based on the car’s specs (year, make, model, engine), speed and distance traveled to estimate the ozone depletion, and offers suggestions for less depletion. Quanto 02 stores this data to show trends over the past 7, 30 and 360 days. Families will be targeted first so kids are inspired to play an active role (since parents can’t or shouldn’t use devices while driving) with the app. Mom and Dad can help shape conversation about potential solutions to a cleaner environment and planet and safer communities. Social sharing of the app results has aspects to help stimulate friendly competitions in each town, but may extend around the world; and for each brand, make, model, year, engine, too.

The goal is to raise awareness of ozone depletion with EVERY trip we take by car, then gradually to develop a Quanto o2 gauge as an OEM gauge on every car, right alongside the fuel gauge.

It is hoped that it will speed up the decline vehicles dependent on fossil fuels.
A side benefit is that when cars are driven at lower speeds, accidents and deaths tend to decline and so insurance, medical, personal injury claims, and other related costs could decrease, as well.


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