Bringing Business and Government Together to Solve Climate Problems

Major Premise : Create a national advertising campaign to convince Americans that Energy Conservation is not only good for their pocketbook it is good for the environment.Not only will they be...
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Major Premise :

Create a national advertising campaign to convince Americans that Energy Conservation is not only good for their pocketbook it is good for the environment.Not only will they be putting real dollars in their pocket they will be providing Jobs for possible themselves and or their neighbors. The campaign will use the most popular mediums. The spoke person will be the most popular of the Green activist The Brad Pitts , Ed Begley Jr and Tom Hanks as well as the others, proponents of alternative energy and environment responsibility . The campaign would start off low key at first but would morph into a more informative approach using America’s premier corporation that are utilizing the newer greener technologies, These corporate leader would extol these new technologies as well as explain how they are making there bottom line look very much blacker in spite of the soft economy.

The second leg of this three legged stool would be The concert series , much like the 70s Farm Aid concert which brought to light the plight of the America Farmer. The young people interested in a concert featuring top notch performers , many of which are very interested in Global Warming,the environment and alternative energy technologies. These would be the same people interested in the jobs these technologies would create. The series would culminate in Washington DC. with the dedication of the Solar Electric Array installed on the White House. The PR benefit for the Administration would be enormous to say the least.

The third leg and not the least would be the Government endorsement and the energy Secretary Dr Stephen Chu offering sponsorship and encouragement. The financial giaPressure on the legislative branch would have a very positive effect and hopeful bring results in the form of some very meaning legislation. nts of American business such as Warren Buffet , Bill Gates would be offering to underwrite some,of the campaign while other luminaries would also add their endorsement.

Funding for the project would come from many sources

  • Pro-bono gifts of celebrities’ time to create meaningful ads

  • Sponsorship by Corporate America ,having their names in the public eye as they explain their involvement and subsequent benefit by going green

  • Financial luminaries gifting through their philanthropic organization

  • Fines levied from the BP Gulf Oil spill

  • US Government ad dollars or possible the stimulus package money

Just recently Bill Gates gave a speech on TED which looked and sounded like it would fit easily into this program. He was looking for new way to promote energy efficiency and environmental concerns.

The American people are quite frustrated with the speed of the recovery and the lack of progress on any meaningful energy legislation, this could give a boost to the morale of the American wishing for a new agenda toward energy independence and environmental responsibility .

Coming from the private sector this could have a positive affect on the psyche of America. I believe if such a campaign went forward is would have a world wide benefits as well giving America a leg up on many of the other Countries doing there own alternative energy promotion. If the rest of the World is looking to the US for
leadership in the area of alternative energy technologies this program might be just the ticket. Countries like China with its exponential growth in people and energy consumption would see that America was seriously committed to energy conservation and innovation in the areas of energy production and environment constraints.

This could be a definitive demonstration of America’s commitment to solving our energy and environmental problems. American needs a new approach, a new energy toward these issues and though bold in scope is not without precedent in our History.

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