An Innovative Heating Solution: Fiber Optics

An Innovative Heating Solution: Fiber Optics
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Can solar heat be transmitted through special fiber optics to distant places where it is cold?

I know that fiber optics transmit light but I wonder about heat as well. Solar energy is at its most efficient when heat from sunlight is utilized directly instead of being converted into trickles of electrical juices. Reflect sunlight to heat indoors at the shady back sides of houses that face to the north is one good example which I am using already. It can be aluminum foil or glassless mirrors made of special treated aluminum, like Durabright patented by ALCOA, and things like that.

I also wonder about whether fiber optics can carry vast amounts of sun heat captured in the deserts to the colder climates during winters? Or can special reflectors be able to reflect infrared heat without the glare of the sunlight?? Why are we so OVERFOCUSED on photovoltaics and inverters alone? Think reflection AND concentration! Not just passive photovoltaics and unnecessary inverters and batteries that cost too much for our tax credits that will go only to the wealthy…

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