Wait! Before you squish that bug…

Wait! Before you squish that bug…

(Deepti Bansal Gage/George Washington University)

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In these divisive times, with party politics and ideological dilemmas at the forefront, one thing we can all agree on is that we all need food to eat, water to drink, a place to keep warm, and medicine for our ailments, right? If that’s true, then why wouldn’t we want to focus on ensuring the protection and continued existence of the things we all need?   

Think of the creature you most despise: something you think has no purpose or that simply freaks you out. You might ask, what’s the point of that organism? If anything this creature is unwanted or pesky. We might not think twice before we step on it or try to get rid of it. True, these species might be unsightly or frightening, however they are just as important to your livelihood as the food on your plate or the roof over your head and here’s why:

What's the point of saving a species?

How do you move the planet forward?
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