Why Don’t More People Recycle?

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Why don’t more people recycle? It only takes a second more of thought. But people still aren’t doing it. That second of thought is one second too long for most people, especially college students. The George Washington University Office of Sustainability has a solution. They are implementing a new system that requires less thinking; perfect for everyone on campus. Along with other recyclables such as compost and e-waste, the Office of Sustainability aims to divert at least 30% of waste away from landfills. And we’re doing just that, in June of 2014, GW diverted 37% of waste. That’s more than 1/3 of all the trash on campus not going to a landfill, where it would be left to emit methane gas. It’s so much easier, it should leave people asking, why didn’t I recycle before? Why didn’t you? 

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