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The fight between Edison and Tesla continues. AC adapters or AC to DC Inverters? the idea is to have a dual-power-type grid system. Xolargy is consultant group who specialise in alternative energy...
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The fight between Edison and Tesla continues. AC adapters or AC to DC Inverters?

the idea is to have a dual-power-type grid system.
Xolargy is consultant group who specialise in alternative energy problem solving and design solutions studio.

These ideas are simply modifications through the use of solar and wind technology and creating hybrid designs from Xolargy. Meaning we are simply improving on existing common items and making them energy producing.

Entry One
A DC home.
Introducing the DC home, where all the appliances( Majority) are DC powered. From plugs and outlets to lights and electronics. Most portable products have to convert AC to DC anyway. In the conversation of alternative energy and design; there exist a inverter as part of what is called the balance of systems (BOS). The BOS system is in charge of converting the power generated from the sun from DC power to AC for home use. Therefore by converting the home into DC power where there is a choice. It could run all the lights. In essence we getting rid off the need of an inverters. One must consider the significant investment of an inverter as they have a average life span of 7 to 10 years. If the whole residential house or small commercial building were to be designed as a DC powered home/structure, there would be no need for an inverter.

Entry Two
A Solar City
Using Entry One’s argument. A City can be designed in the same way, pushing technology. The reason why “the Power Industry” chose AC over DC was because of the distance the power had to travel and the resistance to loosing any power while traveling these distances. Meaning, AC power is a more practical solution, where the energy source is 100 miles away form the user.

Therefore the idea is to create a city that generates its own power. Whether it is AC power or DC power is irrelevant compared to the idea and the notion of a city producing its own power with alternative energy technology, e.g solar, geo-theremal, and wind. The city becomes the a source of power and it is the user.

Let me give you a visual, have you seen the At&t commercial where there are roles of fabric dropping down from tall buildings?

Entry Three
Solar building wraps.
If you live in LA, or in other big cities you will see dinosaur big advertizements on buildings. There are images on a giant tarp which is both advertisement and a solar array. These are see through or translucent material.

Entry Four
Solar advertisement box letters.
Imagine a typical lit box letters or letter box, where we have installed a flexible thin strip of solar panels, along with re-chargeable batteries and LED lights. The top of the metal box are solar panels. Solar power box lights.

Entry Five
Solar Billboards.
Solar power panels on top of bill boards.

Entry Six
Solar tint and spandrel glass.
Again with the advancement of solar technology we are designing a solar building tint. Printable.
As well as suggesting custom solar panels for spandrel glass or (blacked out glass) all on glass buildings. Notice all the black in this photo, This is the area in between the floors. Imagine if they were all solar panels wired to provide electricity for the whole building.

Solar Hybrids
Introducing the solar revolution.
The idea is create and re-shape the world using solar and wind.

Intro to solar and wind.
Solar: Currently we are limited on how we “currently” design a solar array. It is usually limited by a two dimensional plane (2-D). Meaning, it has to be installed on a roof top or land (i.e. building a pier free-standing structure to mount the solar panels). No matter how you see it; It is still a two dimensional structure.

So let me ask you this question. What “living thing” has evolved and advanced over the course of thousands of years to trap light? Trees and Vegetation. This is the core of our designs: to introduce Three dimensional (3-D) Designs.

Entry Seven
Solar Imitation Vegetation. Type 1 Solar tree.
Now for the trees and vegetation ideas are more complex. Interesting enough my vision is not far from the Sherwin-Williams Bees Animated TV Commercial. Note the solar tree at the end. It
gives you the main idea.

Entry Eight
Type 2 Solar Imitation Palm tree.
If we see some of the beautifully palm lines streets in LA and imagine the them solar panels hybrids.
But have you seen these imitation palms. They are cell towers.
Using these imitation mono poles; we have designed a solar hybrid by applying thin cell technology. It is flexible and durable and wind tested.

Entry Nine
Type 3 Solar Imitation Conifer ( Pine) tree.
Similar to the palm design, this is a conifer, A 80 ft. imitation cell tower.

Entry Ten
Type 4 Solar Imitation Grass.
We are working with imitation grass manufactures to develop a the thin cell solar hybrid technology.

Entry Eleven
Type 5 Solar Imitation Landscape, including the Solar Xmas tree.
This holiday season, buy a pre-lit imitation tree instead of buying a real tree, which has been cut and will dry up in your home. Buy one that you can use for years. And if you really want to go all the way. This smaller version of the Solar Imitation Conifer ( Pine) tree this is the Xmas tree which can be used and placed out side your home or business campus as imitation power producing solar hybrid.

Light is three dimensional. Light is both a photon and a wave, meaning that light bends and by using these properties with the most recent advancements in Thin Cell research we have created a variety of solar hybrid designs utilizing thin cell technology. In essence, the Solar Technology has evolved.

Please visit our web site, at Xolargy the solar revolution.

Wind: The same concept of constraints exist with conventional and current wind technology. We are limited because we choose to give incentive to large corporations instead of every household or installing these units on top of existing things like power poles. But by using the tube wind technology. We introduce the solar and wind street light Power pole.

For example, everyone has see a typical power pole right?
We have designed a power pole where we installed a power generating wind turbine on top of this pole. Imagine how many power poles there are in America? A wind turbine will generate electricity, day or night, whenever the wind blows. Her are some for example:
1. Helix Wind Turbine

2. created a Roof Top Demo: 10kW Magnetically Levitated VAWT
3. made a huge one called the 500 watt VAWT
4. We have the technology to create larger scale applications like this one along side this freeway, Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Wind technology can be used simultaneously with the above mentioned designed (Type 2, and Type 3).

Entry Twelve
Well Solar Hybrid
The Reforestation of America, Reforestion of Mother Earth.
We must face the fact that there has to be a continual effort to replenish the very thing that allows us to breath oxygen. Tress! We have developed large scale reforestation design project which will actually help with wild fires. Let me explain. Consider a 200 to 500 acre land in a valley. The design utilizes solar technology, Entry Nine Type 3, the energy is used to pump water into a tank or man made lake. This new water source would be used as a fire deterrent against wild fires. Nevertheless, the water in this storage tank would be used to irrigate the plants. This self sustained Eco System is similar to system designs for farmers and the agriculture industry.

Entry Thirteen
Solar window blinds.
The design of massive manufacturing of vertical or horizontal Solar Blinds hybrid applicable in residential but more efficiently in a tall commercial buildings. The solar blinds would all be wired to produce electricity back into the grid.
Entry Fourteen

Utility a DC power grid- Utility company
Again Recognizing that the movement is to introduce a DC power grid. Every city should have one.: A DC Web Grid.

The DC grid is now more practical because the energy would be produced locally; where it is used. This is true sustainability and every city should at least be given a choice on how their energy is produced. This was the fundamental fight with PG&E sponsored California Proposition 16 in the recent polls. It was defeated.

Realizing that most portable personal devices and equipment run on DC powered including DC powered cars. This is the future, this is our future!

Again, Imagine a world where we no longer have to burn coal for power, No more “burning” Period! We have to stop burning things; only then are we free.

In conclusion.

The fight between Edison and Tesla continues. Is it AC or is it DC? That is not the true question, the question is will this technology be to help mankind and people in general or will it be used to help Big companies and corporations? The idea is to first accept that the old thinking was in fact “big oil’s” way of thinking, i.e. making money.

We have to be cautious not to create a “Death Star” or a Cybertron, an Earth covered in foil, concrete and metal. This was the message of the recent movie Avatar, the Earth in this movie had no more trees, no more vegetation.

So there it is the $200 Million dollar questions.
I will use this money to give this technology to the world.

How do you move the planet forward?
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