Urbanito: A Superhero to Educate the Next Generation

Urbanito: A Superhero to Educate the Next Generation
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PF_Storyfest_Badge_V4_03-15-16_ALsmall-03.png My idea is simple. Our youth is our only hope in sustaining our planet. As learned in sustainability courses I have taken this past semester at the University of Florida, children are losing contact with nature. With this, they lose the connection and the emotional attachment to it.

Since technology seems to have dominated their spare time, we must try to find a solution through technology.

For this reason I think creating superhero cartoon would be the perfect way to teach children about the problems our planet is facing and reflect ways they can help.

My mother has been working on a project because she also sees this as the answer to our problem. She has created a cartoon, Urbanito.


Urbanito, in Spanish, translates to the Urban Superhero. Episodes would include the evil pollution cloud and what created him, how to get rid of him, a school bully who litters, etc. The television show would teach these children what to like and dislike and possibly develop their character into green environmental caring individuals.

Shows like Dora the Explorer, taught kids Spanish; Mickey Mouse Club House taught children basic shapes. Let’s teach our youth how to save the only option we have. According to a psychology class I took, personality stops dramatically evolving by the age of 9. Every factor and input received till that age really influences future personality. We need to expose children at a young age to the problems we are facing in order for them to be the solution.


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