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RESPONSE TO COMMENTS: You can't conserve what you don't have. There are dozens of communities and areas throughout America and the world, where not brushing your teeth twice a week won't solve the...
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You can’t conserve what you don’t have. There are dozens of communities and areas throughout America and the world, where not brushing your teeth twice a week won’t solve the lack of fresh water. Agriculture is the largest consumer of water. Farms are shutting down because they cannot irrigate crops. The shortage is not being caused by more people using more water. It’s caused by natural weather cycles that periodically dry up certain areas of the world.

Concern for “fragile ecosystems” should start with getting fresh water to those parts of the country and world, that are being destroyed by drought.

Australia is in a 10 years plus drought. They previously were a major exporter of rice to several Asian countries. They can’t grow rice anymore and have stopped shipping to those countries, where food riots occured.

California is in crisis, and is building sea water desal plants along its coastline, but they are using technology that nails that water to that immediate area. My system will allow the desalinated water to be carried to the entire State, and beyond.

It is fashionable and politically correct to blame these problems on people. (See the global warming scam). This water crisis is basically being caused by Mother Nature. It is solvable by an application of visionary seeing and doing. Not by going without a shower.

Fresh water and clean, cheap renewable energy are arguably two of the biggest problems to be solved. My idea does both.

Lawrence Livermore recently developed a system for desalinating and purifying water. It is a nano technology that uses much less energy than the reverse osmosis systems that are in use in many parts of the world. It’s faster and cheaper.

I have access to a prototype device which functions on the scientific principle of the vortex. A vortex is what happens when a tornado forms, using air, and a vortex can be observed every time you flush your toilet. The air or water enters a cone shaped system, at the wide end, always counterclockwise. As it moves down towards the narrower, smaller end, it speeds up WITHOUT ANY EXTRA ENERGY BEING USED TO SPEED IT UP.

The machine I have seen in action allows water to enter its larger opening and expels it at the other end at greatly magnified force. By placing either a turbine or even a simple paddle wheel into the water stream exiting the machine, a great deal of electricity is generated, far beyond the amount used to move the water into the large end of the device.

This is not conjecture. This is proven science, that goes back at least 100 years to Victor Schauberger, who placed a similar device into a river and astounded observers with the amount of electricity he was able to produce from a slow moving river.

Now we have the “engine” that not only produces cheap, clean electricity, but we have the means to move huge amounts of water from the sea, into a nano desalination system. Using the vortex system, water can now be moved from coastlines all across the country, not only creating new agricultural areas in deserts and similar inappropriate regions, but bringing cheap electricity to those areas, as well.

My thinking is to use the present national electric grid as a template for the water pipes and tunnels.

The business model would be that each utility that presently draws electricity from various parts of that national grid, be given the task of financing, building and maintaining a certain portion of the new water/electricity system.

Now we have the means

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