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I would like to bring to your attention to a green, renewable, sustainable building technology: hemp concrete. Please visit to see the benefits of this technology, such as strong insulators, effective exteriors and even transportation solutions. Hemp is the foundation of sustainablility.

Lime hemp is a great material.  In terms of low energy construction that means low energy and use.  Building in this way means you can keep energy usage down and it is excellent in terms of embodied carbon because the hemp absorbs CO2 when it grows.  The walling structure is negative carbon.

The hemp used has a very low narcotic content and is fully licensed by the government to be grown in the UK.

It is also an insulating walling material where the structural strength comes from the timber frame and the hemp lime creates the bulk of the wall which does the insulation.

Please tell everyone you know to ask their U.S. Rep to support HR1831, The Industrial Hemp Farming Act! See for the latest developments.

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