TrailerTail: Fuel-Saving Aerodynamics Technology

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TrailerTail® acts to reduce the aerodynamic drag on tractor-trailers by streamlining the air flow behind the trailer, improving the truck’s fuel economy by about 6%.

This additional 6% fuel efficiency can be achieved in 30 minutes with a 2-person installation crew. When combined with other fuel efficiency technologies currently available, trucks can gain upwards of 25% more fuel efficiency, improving the miles per gallon of a tractor-trailer to over 10 mpg for the most efficient fleets in the country.

If the 2 million trailers currently operating in the US today were equipped with TrailerTails, America’s fuel consumption would be reduced by 5.6 billion gallons over the next decade, saving trucking companies over $20 billion in fuel costs. This aerodynamic add-on would help to keep consumer prices down and prevent 77,000 tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere.

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