The Navy can utilize hydrogen generators to save on fuel costs

The Navy can utilize hydrogen generators to save on fuel costs
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Accept the viability that a Hydrogen Generator System is an answer to provide the Navy the ability to realize actual fuel savings versus fuel cost avoidance.
A Hydrogen Generator system can be operated safely in a shipboard environment. It can be easily maintained, and it is sustainable during the life-cycle of the ship. Today’s ships have O2 scrubbers, Nitrogen Generators, High Pressure Air Compressors, all safely operated onboard ship. A Hydrogen Generator is also a self-contained unit.
A Hydrogen Generator system will project the Navy to a unique environmental position: Hydrogen does not produce any harmful air-borne pollutants or hazardous wastes.
The Navy can realize further benefits in using the Hydrogen Generator system. This system can be adapted for use in other systems i.e. Diesel engines, Shore facilities, Cooling systems. Hydrogen fuel is being commercially used for the manufacture of steel, glass and used as an electrical generator coolant medium.

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