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I have been thinking for a some time now about the new electric/hybrid cars that have been coming out. In my opinion they are a really cool invention to have but it just doesn’t meet the peoples’ needs. As we know by now the electric cars need to be charged every (x) amount of miles. So I was thinking about how we can create a fully electric vehicle that at the same time doesn’t need charging. Then I thought about wind! We have windmills that create our electricity for us. So I thought of how a windmill might be installed onto the roof a car. ¬†Obviously the windmills would not be as big as the ones you usually see outside, but rather small and compatable. This would work great because as, for example, you drive an electric powered and wind powered car the windmill will start to spin which creates its electricity then the energy would be transferred into usable energy within the battery. By doing so, we would not need to charge the vehicle because the windmill would be constantly spinning, creating our energy as the vehicle moves. This would be a big step forward in energy technology because of how efficiently the car would work.


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