Fat on Gas

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Americans are fat! Food, carbon emissions, energy bills – we’re overweight in more ways than one, and nowhere more so than in how much gasoline we use.

We each use more gasoline in our cars than people in France, Germany, the UK, Brazil, Russia, India and China combined. However, it doesn’t take much to cut down, and make a big difference.  Here are five simple ways to save gasoline and pay less at the pump. 

  1. Carpool.  Fewer cars on the road = fewer emissions and fewer trips to the gas station.  Use an app for your smartphone to schedule carpools and find rideshares. 
  2. Drive greener.  Limiting the amount of time your foot presses on the gas pedal, keeping excess weight out of your car, and using cruise control will all save you gallons when it comes time to fill the tank. 
  3. Buy efficient.  Need a new car?  Take gas mileage into consideration.  Cars with better mileage, hybrids, or electric cars will save you when you’re filling the tank. 
  4. Check your tires.  Make sure your tires are properly inflated to save on fuel efficiency and keep them lasting longer. 
  5. Take alternative transportation.  Walking, biking, and public transportation all cut out your gasoline needs.  Try one of these alternative forms of transportation one day a week or just during your lunch hour.  Use a nifty app to plan your trip. 

Check out what the EPA recommends to save gas.  Will you try one of these tips?  What are some other ways you plan to save gasoline?  Watch the video to find out how even a small change makes a big difference. How will you start your gasoline diet?

Asthaa Chaturvedi is a senior majoring in International Affairs at The George Washington University. Jenny Rabago is a senior majoring in Journalism and Biological Anthropology at The George Washington University.

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