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just to let you know the company is now registered with the DOE Philippines and we are about to start production ,have a grant from the Department of science and Technology and have designed and...
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just to let you know the company is now registered with the DOE Philippines and we are about to start production ,have a grant from the Department of science and Technology and have designed and built first prototype almost completed, grant is for salt water desalination and we have design for electric production model ,two types fluid to waste generator at ( and power from solar cell (CSP) concentrating solar power at (, if you will be joining the team just email your request to me at
Dear Sirs My name is Tommy Tirey I own a company called Advanced Solar Technology, I have been working on the development of a solar fluid heating system for the last 10 years, I recived my US patent in 2002 titled solar fluid heating system patent # 6.336.452.B1 as I am a construction worker I have little money to invest but along the way I have made progress as this is my lifes dream to success, I am currently in the Philippines developing the manufacturing process for the dish and have made significant progress in this,The controller software is finished and the basemount is done the parabolic support arm are finished and made from stainless steel the powerhead reciver coil is 1/2 inch stainless tubing and the dish sections cad design is almost finished (6 in all) the dish has a windows compatable operating program and has remote monitoring capabilitys,the reflective surface was originally mirrors in fiberglass but we are exploring the use of chromed plastic for ease of manufactering,I have used several established manufacturing companies for the several components of the dish system and have applied for a grant from the department of science and technology,currently the grant is in the final stages and will help in the final stages of introducing the dish system to the world, I see the system as an answer to many problems facing the world as a fluid heater it will be able to collect thermal heat which can easily be converted into usable energy via the use of a waste heat generator,also I see it as a means of desalination for fresh water from sea water as it easily creates steam,It could also be used as a means of treating waste water (sewage) as it reaches a high enough temperature to effectively kill all bacteria,In the horizontal position it can catch rain water for drinking,the controller has been tested along with the optical tracking system and uses satellight dish technology,the reciever coil is coated with a high temperature polymer coating to increase thermal absorbtion and longer coil life we are also adapting a solar cell that operates at 500 to 1000 intensitys of the sun our dish system has a rating of 880 to 1 and a focal area of 6 inches squared or 36 square inches, using solar cells provided by we estimate output to be 1.8 to 2 Kwh I have registered my company with the department of energy here in the Philippines and am soon to recive accredation from them ,this will allow me to produce and distribute my product with no taxes and import materials without import fees,it will also allow me to sell power for residential and commercial use,I have met with the representatives from the major power companies who have agreed to purchase all of the energy that I am able to produce,I have done all of these things without going into debt and own my company free and clear,I desire now to invite investors to help to manufacture and market my product, I can be contacted via the web at my U.S. phone # is 530-870-5790 my Phillipine # is 01163-0929-256-1847 my websites are or

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