Reform Transporation Laws to Encourage Fuel Conservation

Reform Transporation Laws to Encourage Fuel Conservation
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Why is that, in politics, no-brainers are usually non-starters.

(1) Lowering the interstate speed limit to 55 mph (and enforcing it) would save thousands of lives and I don’t know how many billions of barrels of oil without sacrificing the sacrosanct American standard of living.

(2) Between 2002 and 2008, the feds doled out $72 billion in subsidies to fossil fuel industries and $29 billion for renewables (half of which was for ethanol which is quite possibly even worse than oil)–see

(3) When gas hit $4 gallon, people gave up their SUVs and manufacturers dropped plans for new models. When gas prices dropped, SUV sales went up. Americans have short memories–keep a floor of at least $4/gallon under the price of gas and we’ll see sustained policy shifts.

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