Promote Community-Focused Sustainability Efforts to Bring People Together

Promote Community-Focused Sustainability Efforts to Bring People Together
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Imagine if every city, county, state, nation, stepped back and took another look at what was important. What if we focused on our kids, if we provided them a safe, clean, bright, healthy, low impact, sustainable place to learn and grow. If every school was required to be the most sustainable place in a community, how would that effect the surrounding area? Image a school that was inviting, supported healthy learning, was of minimal impact on the environment, that used electric vehicles, created its own power (wind, solar, thermal, etc), used sustainable building and ideas.

Incorporated this into the learning and student environment. What if every school was the gem of every community, trees, green roofs, etc. This would not only impact the environment as a whole, but would impact our future, and our kids future. We could send generations of kids into the life with an entirely new concept of themselves and the planet. We could lower crime rates, poverty rates, increase literacy, and test scores. We could empower youth to save the planet not by forcing them to change the way they live but raising them in a way that would support the way they live. Start with one school, then a city, then a county, then a state, then a nation, then the world. If would could focus on our kids, ensure they have the tools they need to grow and sustain this planet, we could literally change the world. This would create jobs, save money in so many ways, and possibly save the planet before we take ourselves to the brink. We need to do what make sense, not because we have to or because we can, but because it is simply common sense.

It would cost trillions in the short run, it would take at least a generation to make the change, but the future would be bright, and the rate of return would be imense.

Carl Behmer

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