Peril & Promise: Life after the wildfires

Peril & Promise: Life after the wildfires
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Raging wildfires graphically demonstrate what climate change may actually look and feel like. In the American west, millions of acres were left scorched, thousands of structures burned, and more than 30 people lost their lives. In Australia an area the size of an entire country was left scarred and more than three billion animals perished or were displaced. Hotter weather, drier summers, and terrible fires are a growing, global challenge. In our latest episode of Planet Forward, seen on PBS’s Peril and Promise and produced in association with ASU’s Global Futures Laboratory, Frank Sesno speaks with Carol Duncan, a remarkable woman who nearly paid an unthinkable price as Australia’s brushfires ravaged much of the country. She committed herself to work with fire refugees and to the fight against climate change. We also meet Lily Young, an American college student whose family was too close for comfort as California’s wildfires set new records. They come from different worlds, but Carol and Lily know from personal experience what is at stake. They share their stories and hope to catalyze action against complacency and climate change.

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