Low Cost Solar Micro Housing

Low Cost Solar Micro Housing
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Low cost solar powered micro housing is one niche; to date there is not known of any competition. Our price points are the lowest 29K to 99K 895sq ft 2/1, 1200sq ft 3/2 and 4/2 Duplex, or build to suit. The closest model is Habitat for Humanity and they are built by using volunteers. But offer no savings on the electric bill and are still at higher price points.

Who is the customer? Affordable Housing in the price points of this consideration.The North American Real Estate market has been in a down turn for over two years. The only price points that remain selling by all RE statistics shows the 25K to 125K is the largest share of the market. We have marketed this concept to REIA association here in central Florida. These prototypes can in some instances be the perfect match for empty lots, tear downs and burnouts as they are low enough price points that make them less expensive than a REO or Short Sale purchase to rehab and either sell or hold and rent out. Kits for export to all emerging markets FOB Port of Miami. Two complete homes with solar in five containers. 

What is the customer pain we are solving? It stands to reason the home with little to no electric bill will sell faster or rent and stay rented longer than the same priced home in same market without these extras. Low cost solar housing is less expensive to build and less expensive to live in with the co-generation systems making them. Homes with little to no electric bill. Of the top three concerns of all Major Metropolitan Areas in North America. One of these is always not enough low cost housing. This is a common sense approach to an otherwise overwhelming problem.

What is the target market? Low Income, Community Redevelopment, Emerging Markets, Disaster relief (Haiti & Chile), Export Kits and Investor Real Estate Market (for build hold and rent outs). The export of easy to assemble kits could be a windfall for the manufacture of these units by Emerging Market Governments.

How can we do it and at what price? First these are two words normally not found in the same sentence “low cost and “anything solar” but with the industry pricing falling dramatically in the last two years it is possible to mix alternative energy methods with built-in modular in the original construction rather that retro-fitting. It just makes sense to go this direction. Have non-solar low cost modular platform already built on slabs like conventional home in Dade County Miami, Fl and in the Orlando, FL area these Modular exceeded the staunchest hurricane codes in USA.

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