Let’s Talk Trash, Without Joining the NFL

Let’s Talk Trash, Without Joining the NFL
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Q – Awareness trash bags are just normal ECO garbage bags, which just at home have in your kitchen cupboard.

Just what is so special about it is that Q – garbage bags are equipped with a print that can be a picture or text that should people to think and remind themselves to raise awareness for the environment.

The print on the garbage, put people to think that you do not have to throw a lot but have separated.

This printing can you place containers on biobakken on prullebaken of offices or outdoor areas, this concept can best be applied to major festivals and events.


  • You put people to think.
  • You make people more aware of the environment.
  • You show through the print what effect it may have
  • What kind of impact it has in the world.

It’s a simple concept but it can be a great effect on human behavior.

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