Lending Shade to Overheating Cars

Lending Shade to Overheating Cars
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Our invention solves the problem of creating a shadow for transport while parking, and in movement through the shading of the metal body of heat by solar radiation, without the need for assembly or disassembly of the device. Thus, reduces warming of air inside the cabin of transport in hot climates, and as a consequence of significantly lower fuel consumption for air conditioning, reduces harmful emissions of CO2 in the atmosphere. Creates additional comfort for the driver and passengers inside the cabin as during parking and moving traffic. Versatility of our device allows the use of standard luggage rack, ROOF RACK or other mounting devices on the back of transport, may be permanent in the summer or removable in the winter. Probable potential demand 2 – 5 million units.

Our device meets the basic requirements:

1. Protection of the metal roof of transport of heat by solar radiation in hot climates, reduces the heating of air temperature inside the cabin of transport and provides additional comfort.
2. The device can be used simultaneously in different modes – in the parking lot of transport, in slow traffic in urban traffic jams or at high speed above 120 km per hour.
3. The device does not require re-assembly or disassembly in the parking lot or in traffic.
4. The device reduces the workload of the air conditioner, resulting in reduced fuel consumption by motor transport and reduces harmful CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.
5. The device can be permanent in the summer, or folding during the winter.
6. The device can be mounted in standard mounting the device on the roof of
7. A simple device is designed to provide low cost of production of 25
8. The outer surface of the device can be used for advertising.
9. The above-mentioned advantages of sunscreen devices as well as the absence of such a device in the world can provide the high demand of 1 million to 10 million units per year.

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