(In)vironmental Justice: Relationships to water in the Chesapeake Bay

A view of the Chesapeake Bay near Northeast, Maryland.
A view of the Chesapeake Bay near Northeast, Maryland.

Steve Adams/Unsplash

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In this episode of (In)vironmental Justice, we examine the ways the destruction of the environment can lead to the destruction of culture. We speak with members of the Chesapeake Bay community working to preserve the waterways and the cultures that depend on them.

Vice President of the Accokeek Foundation Anjela Barnes, executive assistant at Stop Ecocide International Margherita Birri, George Washington University professor, author, and philosopher Barrett Pitner, and board member of the Potomac Riverkeeper Network Brenda Richardson all lend their voices and expertise to this podcast.

The music is titled “Zion” by user SalmonLikeTheFish from freemusicarchive.org. 

(In)vironmental Justice is hosted by Jing-Ning Hsu and Adam Esrig. Alejandra Puente also contributed to the production of the podcast.

Written, produced, and edited by Hannah Loder.

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