NETUKULIMK: Indigenous moose harvesting in Unama’ki

Community leaders in Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia) discuss the significance of moose harvesting.

Abby Burgess

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NETUKULIMK captures the indispensable value of moose harvesting for Indigenous Mi’kmaw communities in Unama’ki (Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia). Netukulimk is a Mi’kmaq worldview that navigates our relationship with msit no’kmaq (all our relations) or our emotional, social, and spiritual relationship with the physical land, human beings, nature, and everything belonging to Wskitqamu (Mother Earth). Netukulimk incorporates the spirit, mind, heart, and body in relation with levels of interconnectedness: self, family, community, and environment. In NETUKULIMK, Clifford Paul, Tony Sylliboy, and Lindsay Paul offer perspectives as leaders with experience in moose harvesting and share hopes for the future within their communities.

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