I-Portz: Interactive Solar Carports

Solar carports will open up complimentary eco-friendly electric vehicle delivery and commuter "stop and shops" while each car charges it's fast charge batteries under our solar carport canopies as...
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Solar carports will open up complimentary eco-friendly electric vehicle delivery and commuter “stop and shops” while each car charges it’s fast charge batteries under our solar carport canopies as consumers shop around and interact with our attached interactive solar carport-displays.

Our solar powered carports function in a number of different ways and are income bearing on multiple levels:

– solar carports will offset energy in residential and commercial settings as an integrated smart HUB that interconnects with the smart grid and a home or office’s cloud based computer terminal.
– solar carports will have information/advertising displays attached for retail consumer interactivity and retail promotional campaigns as placed in a(retail setting)
– advertising displays attached to solar carport canopy can interact with consumers and consumer mobile devices and sync with an automobiles infotainment console
– solar carports will recharge electric cars with both plug-in & wireless inductive charging eqt. attached
– solar carports will attach and showcase green advertisements while accumulating SREC’s simultaneously with attached interactive advertising displays
– solar carports will also act as a communications HUB with attached and integrated wireless networking eqt.,and network that data to various agencies
– solar carports will monitor, interpret and transmit all types of data rich analytics of attached advertising displays & consumer interactivity, and network all electric vehicle charging bays while distributing electrical energy production and consumption with all electric vehicles attached.
– solar carports will replace rooftop mounted installations in all settings both residential and commercial
– solar carports will also act as mobile and permanent storefront and interactive drive thru, that consumers can pull-up and interact with each overhead display and order, shop and pick up or have delivered certain retail or perishable items to your home or office

Solar carports will offset a buildings electrical power and can be controlled by an interactive mobile app.

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