How your first career out of college could be in food entrepreneurship

How your first career out of college could be in food entrepreneurship

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A new urban farming project that takes acres of farmland and squeezes them into storage containers may be coming to a city near you. Square Roots opened its first campus in New York City this fall, and just about anyone can apply to be party of the team in the future.

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Co-founded by Tobias Peggs and Kimbal Musk, Square Roots trains its “food entrepreneurs” to grow local produce in its indoor, climate controlled, hydroponic vertical farms.

The company’s website describes the project as, “an urban farming accelerator—powered by human ingenuity, technology, and a deep love for local, real food.”

Each “modular farm” takes two acres worth of farmland and fits it into a storage container. The project’s vertical farming method is highly efficient in terms of space, which allows this acreage to be compartmentalized into such a small area.

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Square Roots aims to close the disconnect between consumer and grower as well as increase access to local, healthy food sources.

These vertical farms can be placed just about anywhere and can be accessed year-round as well.

Square Roots offers a network of mentors as well as experts that work with its food entrepreneurs. Anyone can apply to be a Square Roots food entrepreneur as the company plans to expand to other cities and prepares for future growing seasons.

According to an article written by founder Kimbal Musk, the company is focusing on recruiting millennials to join its team. This provides a highly unique opportunity to recent college graduates. Square Roots encourages those with experience in everything from agriculture to nonprofit work to apply. 

The company’s inaugural group of food entrepreneurs for its first season consists of ten people with varying backgrounds and goals for the project. This group is part of Square Root’s first campus in Brooklyn.

Apply here to be considered as a Square Roots food entrepreneur in the future.


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