How to reduce coal use? Combustion to Steam Energy System

How to reduce coal use? Combustion to Steam Energy System
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The date of this Executive Summary is June 21, 2010

USA Green Energy Group, LLC has developed a Patent Pending Coal Combustion to Steam Energy System that requires 50% less coal to produce the same energy as presently combusted in traditional coal-fired power plants. USA Green Energy Group’s process also removes NOx, SOx and other emission impurities by an estimated 99% – well below EPA standards. This combination of marked improvement in efficiency and reduction of contaminants redefines the power industry at a time when redefinition is imperative.

Currently, 4,053,396,247 tons of coal is burned annually to produce the world’s electricity. Burning one ton of coal yields two tons of CO2. This equates to 8,106,792,494 tons of CO2. Using 50% less coal to produce the same energy, a new or retrofitted USA Green Energy Group plant will produce half the CO2, and what is produced, can be captured and sequestered within EPA standards.

Coal is one of the world’s most plentiful and inexpensive sources of energy. It is also one of the world’s largest sources of pollution and CO2. By doubling the amount of potential energy produced by coal, USA Green Energy Group technology reduces the production cost of coal energy by half or more. With virtually no pollutants released, USA Green Energy Group technology makes coal the least expensive source of clean energy in the world.

USA Green Energy Group’s system can be installed at a fraction of the cost of today’s coal combustion plants. It can be installed with existing steam turbines and does not require the installation of large, expensive, and comparatively ineffective gas emission scrubbers as presently required on coal-fired power plants.The ease and relatively inexpensive installation of a USA Green Energy Group’s system will make coal the clear energy source of choice for cleanliness, availability, and cost.

The system is scalable to large plant capacities and has been verified as a proven technology by licensed independent third party research analysts.

It is estimated that at current consumption levels, the world’s supply of high BTU coal will last two hundred and fifty years. With USA Green Energy Group technology, the supply has a five hundred year potential. Also, lower BTU coal and other fuels can be utilized in our system with similar results and benefits.

Despite coal’s availability and relatively low cost, coal fired energy plants, particularly in the US and EU have come under governmental regulatory pressure to improve emissions or close. The addition of a gas emission scrubber can cost from $1-6B depending on the size of the plant. This can result in an emission improvement for SOX of up to 95%. However, the recovered byproduct is not entirely recyclable. In some cases over 70% of the sludge ends up in landfills.
Traditional coal fired plants, even with scrubber investments, remain environmentally threatening and governmentally threatened as further legislation and requirements are certain but unknown in timing or scope. Other significant pollutants and environmental hazards of traditional coal fired plants include NOX, Mercury, particulate, and CO2. All of these pollutants can be addressed far more efficiently and at a vast capital and operational savings using the USA Green Energy Group system.

The USA Green Energy Group has no NOx and 99.9% of the mercury is trapped for commercialization. We are left only with CO2 and H2O. The H2O is recycled and 99.9% of CO2 is captured for sequestration or commercialization.
When faced with ever increasing regulation and the high cost of compliance, many utilities are electing to close plants as no longer financially viable. Others are being closed by governmental edict as environmentally dangerous and in violation of the Clean Air Act.

Between 2000 and 2006, over 150 coal plants were authorized for construction in the US. In 2007 at least 60 of these plants were cancelled, abandoned, or put on hold. In 2008 an additional 19 plants were cancelled, abandoned, or put on hold.

For decades utilities have been an A rated investment. The lack of clear environmental and financial answers to the problems of coal-fired plants, has resulted in many utilities being downgraded to B ratings.

USA Green Energy Group technology is the financial and environmental answer for utility companies. It will stabilize and revitalize their investments in existing coal plants. It will set the environmental bar far in excess of current EPA standards. It will allow utilities to provide clean, abundant, affordable energy world wide well into the next century.
Today, USA Green Energy Group provides the responsible bridge to those energy technologies of the future that will not require fossil fuels. Until then, utility companies can retrofit and operate existing plants efficiently with a significant economic windfall. They can build new plants successfully. Consumers throughout the world can enjoy clean, affordable, and abundant energy.

The market opportunity for USA Green Energy Group is significant. The motivation for power providers to adopt this technology is optimal.

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