Growing Soil | Managing Wild at McGinley Ranch

Growing Soil | Managing Wild at McGinley Ranch
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In September 2022, I had the privilege of visiting McGinley Ranch of the Turner Institute of Ecoagriculture near Gordon, Nebraska, to learn about regenerative ranching and ecological economics for conservation and commerce. 

On nearly 80,000 acres of pasture, a herd of about 4,000 bison is supporting a community of more than 8,000 organisms. These bison are carefully managed and grazed on parcels of land to create subtle disturbances in the vegetation and soil below. Grazing disturbances create habitat diversity which sustains life on the prairie and improves its watershed. 

In this short film, Dr. Carter Kruse and ranch manager Tyrell McClain explain the importance of regenerative bison ranching and its lucrative opportunities. 

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