Energy Beam 101: “500,000 Household Energy Supply Satellites.”

As nifty and available as
As nifty and available as "new" nuclear may be, it will always have "indefinitely radioactive" fuel rods left over, always have potentially catastrophic meltdown consequences, a "bulls eye" for...
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As nifty and available as “new” nuclear may be, it will always have
“indefinitely radioactive” fuel rods left over, always have potentially
catastrophic meltdown consequences, a “bulls eye” for terrorists, huge
capital investment expense, and at least ten year scheduling and
construction time (if all environmental and political roadblocks are

(Additionally, there is not enough production capacity available in the
entire world to build enough new nuclear power plants to replace
“fossil fuel” boiler plants, and not enough construction capacity to
replace current nuclear facilities that are already 30 years into
service with 40 year original life time design limits.)

In contrast, all “nuclear” and “fossil fuel” power plant production
facilities simply need new boiler technology to completely eliminate
all “emissions” and all “nuclear” footprint.

It is ordinary conventional construction technology to replace dirty
boiler technology with microwave energy beam (receiving dish) boilers.

It simply amounts to a new steam pipe hooked up to every existing
turbine and generator pouring electricity into every available
distribution grid.

It is especially economical, because production of replacement
turbines, generators and power grid materials will be cheaper after Energy Beam conversion.

Every manufactured replacement inventory
will cost less by decreased cost of energy to manufactre these materials as fossil fuel and nuclear boilers are

Published information indicates that Space Solar Power Satellites being
designed in Japan will individually provide power for 500,000 utility
households (each!).

I live in Rochester, New York… our local utility is Rochester Gas and
Electric Company… the company serves 200,000 households according to
payment clerk when I recently paid my utility bill. Metropolitan
Rochester has 1 million residents within a 20 mile radius of our
Downtown “Center City”.

Syracuse, New York and Buffalo, New York have relatively the same
number of households, population and density. In my mind… only
having a Bachelors Degree in Liberal Arts (University of
Pittsburgh-English)… I do not think it is unreasonable to recognize
that one “Energy Beam” satellite designed to serve 500,000 households
could serve either Rochester and Syracuse, or Rochester and at least
2/3s of Buffalo ( since it is a little larger than Rochester and

On this basis, researching the Federal Energy Information
Administration indicates as of 2007 there are 110 million utility
households across the entire United States. (Incidentally, taking a
course Communications 141 at Monroe Community College Fall 2009, the
Nielsen Television Rating Service surveys 110 million “Television
Households” across America. I’m not a rocket scientist, but it seems
reasonable that every household that is a “utility household” according
to the Government Energy Information Administration just may be a
“Television Household” measured by Nielsen.

When I divide 110,000.000 by 500,000 (using long division with a pencil
the way I was taught before every child had a pocket calculator)… I
get 220… err, 220 satellites could provide electricity for every
utility household across America replacing every fossil fuel boiler and
every atomic energy boiler that simply boil water into high pressure
steam to turn turbines that power generators producing electricity.

Energy Beam Dish Boiler technology just happens to immediately be “zero
emissions” and could be completely available across America in ten
years… the same time necessary to build any “new”after Energy Beam nuclear facility… if every political and environmental road block falls in

I’ll explain how much it will cost to build and launch new satellites,
how much revenue will be generated by a mere $20.00 a month flat rate
for each household!

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