El Buen Vivir

Tequile native spins thread

A Tequile native spins thread. (Isabella Zambrano/George Washington University)

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I have designed a Story Map to describe “El Buen Vivir” — a term that’s very popular in the context of sustainability — using personal photos, quotes I collected, and information from research I have done and observed. The Story Map is based on my thesis paper of 49 pages, written in Spanish, that focused on food systems and its sustainable practices using the understanding of the Andean world view.

I set out to investigate how the food system was sustainable, by better understanding “El Buen Vivir,” but instead I came to understand how my definition of sustainability was different from the lifestyle meant by “El Buen Vivir.” Though popularly used to describe sustainability, what it truly means does not seem to be fully embraced.

Scroll through the Story Map below to learn more.

See a full-screen version of this Story Map.

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