COP26 in Context: From reducing methane emissions to packaging

COP26 in Context: From reducing methane emissions to packaging

Food scraps are turned into methane and other gases that are captured and turned into fuel in UC Davis' Renewable Energy Anaerobic Biodigester. (KQED Quest/Flickr/Creative Commons 2.0)

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Today is day 11 of COP26, and with only two days of the conference left, much progress has been made — read below to catch up on the big COP26 events and decisions that happened last week and dive into some topics that the conference will discuss today.

  • Here’s what happened so far at COP26, and what lies ahead. Tune in to this 4-minute listen from NPR’s Dan Charles to check in with the conference’s progress, published at the halfway mark of COP26.

  • The cheap and easy climate fix that can cool the planet fast. At COP26, more than 100 countries signed the new Global Methane Pledge with the goal of cutting 30% of their methane emissions by 2030. But why are methane emissions so harmful, and how big is the problem? What fixes could be done to reduce their effects? This article answers all your questions with easy scientific explanations and interactive graphs.

  • 16 companies that are rethinking packaging. Today at COP26, Unilever is holding a panel on sustainable business practices, from biodegradable material in packaging to responsible business practices that respect natural ecosystems and reduce waste. Food Tank highlights 16 food and beverage companies to exhibit the industry’s various approaches to sustainable packaging.

Check back tomorrow for more info on what is being explored at COP26 — and good reads to keep you informed!

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