Climate CoLab: Online Citizen Collaboration on Climate Solutions

Climate CoLab: Online Citizen Collaboration on Climate Solutions
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Climate CoLab–a new online forum developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology–brings large numbers of citizens together to develop creative solutions to complex problems such as climate change. The Climate CoLab allows people to simulate the effects of different courses of action, discuss issues, rate each other’s ideas and enter competitions for the best new idea for solving the problem.

By drawing on the knowledge, expertise and creativity of large numbers of citizens, Climate CoLab has the potential to produce innovative new solutions to complex problems. The tools and ideas on the site are also a valuable resource for anyone interested in sustainability, including scientists, politicians and journalists.

Through Climate CoLab, citizens can run computational models of the effects of individual actions, new technologies and government policies. The models demonstrate how proposed solutions will affect the environment and citizens can debate proposed solutions through the online forum.

An electronic voting component allows citizens to rate the credibility of different solutions and choose the ones they like best. Using the forum, communities can voice multiple perspectives on an issue and focus on the best possible solutions to complex problems.

To learn more, visit Climate CoLab.

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